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You need only to open your eyes to see through the transparent mass grave lies


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Are the remains of over 2.1 million jews

really buried in the alleged mass graves?


It is alleged in orthodox historiography that; during WW II - hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of corpses were buried in numerous “huge mass graves” at Belzec, Chelmno, Ponary, Sobibor and Treblinka II. However, despite all the deceptive allegations to the contrary, the truth is; the largest (in terms of quantity of remains) of the - one hundred - graves / cremation pits that are alleged to have been scientifically proven to currently exist at these sites, in which verified human remains have been tangibly located via bona fide, verifiably honest and conclusively documented archaeology; contained the remains of - ONLY SIX PEOPLE.





Those who believe they can refute any statement of fact articulated on this web page are invited to accept



For proving  -  just  1 / 1,000  of  1%  -  of the criminally fraudulent buried remains allegations





 The site of the       alleged graves

The # of fraudulently alleged phantom mass graves

The # of jews who allegedly magically disappeared

The method allegedly used by the Germans to conceal the graves



600,000 *

Dig the bodies out of the alleged gigantic pits and then burn them on huge pyres made from railroad rails; then throw all the bones and teeth back into the same alleged gigantic pits and then cover all the physical evidence with: “A thick layer of sand.”



300,000 **



70,000 **



250,000 *

Treblinka II


900,000 *

* * * * *

Total  -  100

  Total  -  2,120,000   -   * Michael Shermer / ** Yad Vashem


Remember - we are only figuring the number of fraudulently alleged buried jews here.


(There are tens of thousands of non-jews alleged to be buried in these “huge mass graves” as well.)


The site of the      alleged graves

The weight of the alleged remains that would have been left behind - IF - the story is true

The number of teeth that would be mixed in with the alleged millions of pounds of bone fragments


4.380 million pounds *

19.200 million


2.190 million pounds *

9.600 million


.511 million pounds *

2.240 million


1.825 million pounds *

8.000 million

Treblinka II

6.570 million pounds *

28.800 million

* Calculations are derived from figures used by Arnulf Neumaier in his treatise on - TREBLINKA


* * * * *


Remember - the original big-lie was a layer of sand obliterated the phantom “huge mass graves”


and thus made the fraudulently alleged millions of pounds of bones and teeth “magically” disappear.


However, forensic historians exposed the true-believers delusional “magically disappearing jew theory”


so new more “believable” cognitive illusions had to be fabricated to augment the older nonsensical big-lies.


* * * * *


Enter the spuriousskeptic” - Even though the orthodox tall-tales about the alleged Belzec, Chelmno, Ponary, Sobibor and Treblinka II “holocausts” are classic big-lies replete with absurd physical impossibilities, the charlatan MICHAEL SHERMER wants you to believe the fraudulent - cognitive illusion - that they have actually been scientifically proven to be true. To illustrate the immoral machinations that Shermer has gone through in support of this guise, look at these quotes from his deluding book - Denying History: “The purpose of this book is to… show precisely, with solid evidence… how historians know that it happened as it did… we must obey the rules of reason and apply the tools of science… This process is practiced by all scientists… historical scientists, geologists, paleontologists and archaeologists, to prove that anything in the past happened… We must review the physical evidence.

Shermer furthers this glaringly transparent charade with these additional duplicitous claims in - Denying History: “To debunk the deniers, can’t we just go there and see for ourselves? The answer, of course, is “yes.” We can no longer ignore the deniers… We cannot remain silent anymore. It’s time to respond… We went to Europe to conduct research at Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec We wanted to see for ourselves just what evidence there is at the camps and to take the opportunity to examine firsthand the claims… How is it that so much physical evidence can come to be doubted?

WHAT PHYSICAL EVIDENCE? - Shermer is intentionally ignoring the inconvenient fact that, over the years, there have been no less than five claimed so-called “crime scene investigations” of Treblinka II, and a number of claimed investigations at the other four sites as well - yet to date, it can still be categorically stated that; archaeologists / forensic investigators have not proven the existence of even one mass grave at Belzec, Chelmno, Ponary, Sobibor or Treblinka II that contains so-much-as - 1 / 1,000 of 1% - of the alleged buried remains - NOT ONE!

Ironically, Michael Shermer has unwittingly revealed who the real deniers / liars are, as his unethical dissimulation turned out to be an easily documented epic FAIL: “Shermer’s Denying History is… an implicit denial of the existence of opposing facts, evidence and arguments.… he cannot seriously claim to be a scholar. He is an ignorant fool at best. Or else he knows what he is omitting, and then he is merely a liar, an obfuscator and a fraud.”

So now you know how invested Shermer is in this hoax and why he shamelessly ignores the fact that his deceitful allegations / insinuations have been thoroughly DEBUNKED: That is the only way to understand this subject. It has to be studied carefully. If you slow down and look at the logic, his illusion doesnt work. Shermer has set up his argument in such a way that the ordinary methods of logic do not apply… This is like a shell game: you have to watch what he’s doing… The Shermer principle is not logic… The jumping together phenomenon is how illusionists produce their illusions.”





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By examining each “huge mass grave” allegation separately, an intelligent person can easily see


just how utterly vacuous and criminally fraudulent this transparent archaeological charade really is.


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* The 33 so-called “huge mass graves” of Belzec are shown and numbered in the map in this link here:

BELZEC MAP   (#1/1 though #33/33 of the alleged 100)


* The 21 so-called “huge mass graves” of Chelmno are shown and numbered in the maps in this link here:

CHELMNO MAPS   (#1/34 though #21/54 of the alleged 100)


* The first 6 so-called “huge mass graves” of Ponary are shown and numbered in the map in this link here:

PONARY MAP   (#1/55 though #6/60 of the alleged 100)

The 7th so-called “huge mass grave” of Ponary is alleged in this link here:

PONARY ARTICLE   (#7/61 of the alleged 100)


* The 24 so-called “huge mass graves” of Sobibor are shown and numbered in the maps in this link here:

SOBIBOR MAPS   (#1/62 though #24/85 of the alleged 100):

* The 15 so-called “huge mass graves” of Treblinka II are shown and numbered in the maps in this link here:

TREBLINKA MAPS   (#1/86 though #15/100 of the alleged 100)

The criminal fraud of the latest so-called “forensic / archaeological investigation” of Treblinka II is exposed in this documentary here:

THE TREBLINKA ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX   (This transparent charade has been played out in essentially the same manner at all 5 sites.)






The rules for laying claim to



$1,000.00 - will be remitted for each one of the 100 fraudulently alleged / insinuated - mass graves / cremation pits - of Belzec, Chelmno, Ponary, Sobibor and Treblinka II - which have been scientifically proven to actually exist and to currently contain the remains of at least 21 people - ($500.00 for at least 7).


To begin the incredibly easy process of laying claim to each reward and to set all requisite rules:


First - Potential claimants must submit their answers to Part One of the:


Mass Graves / Buried Remains - Forensic Evaluation Form   (See contact information below.)

Second - Potential claimants must then request and confirm receipt of the official rules.


Third - Potential claimants must then post their alleged proof on an approved website.


Fourth - If a potential claimant can get Michael Shermer to categorically endorse their eligibly submitted proof (by explicitly stating that said posted proof meets his own, Skeptic Magazine’s and The Skeptics Society’s expressed and implied standards of proof) - the claimant will receive the promised cash reward. However, if Shermer refuses to endorse an eligibly submitted proof, potential claimants can still receive said cash reward via endorsement from a majority of the following: David Cole, Eric Hunt, David Irving, Andrew Mathis, Roberto Muehlenkamp, James Randi, Nicholas Terry and Mark Weber.


Alternatively: Eligible potential claimants may choose to submit their “huge mass grave” proofs directly to Greg Gerdes for his endorsement - provided that they publicly pledge to take the matter to court - (sans a jury and both sides pro se legal representation) if they refuse to accept a negative ruling.


Note: Eligible potential claimants will be allowed to personally examine the proof that the ways and means to make good on their promised reward payment truly exists, and if they so choose, witness said proven monetary remittance amount be entrusted to an escrow agent.






Remember: If the alleged Belzec, Chelmno, Ponary, Sobibor and Treblinka II “holocausts” really did happen, then there actually would be numerous discernable extant huge mass graves filled with the remains of hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people to prove it. So this is not a historical issue per se; this is clearly about - SCIENCE - and all that is being done here is the common-sense act of simply asking to see the alleged “archaeological proof” that the true-believers insist is so “undeniable.” Remember also - it is ipso facto proof of fraud - if a scientist refuses to answer pertinent questions about their alleged / insinuated discoveries:


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“Silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty to


speak or where an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading.”


U.S. vs. Prudden - U.S. Court of Appeals - Fifth Circuit - April 1970


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Last note: Not one person who espouses the orthodox stories of these five so-called “holocausts within the holocaust” and/or has fallen for the big “scientifically proven” lie, has ever mustered the courage and integrity to accept - THE HOLOCAUST ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX CHALLENGE. What are they so afraid of? (They’re terrified - because they know they have been forensically cornered - and by accepting the challenge, they will expose who the real deniers / liars are.)






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For more information, contact - Greg Gerdes - at:


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Why do people continue to espouse demonstrably false claims even after being

 confronted with the incontrovertible facts that refute them? Because you can’t

 convince a true-believer of anything - for their beliefs are not based on science

 and reason - they’re based on blind faith and a weak-willed NEED to believe.

Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool critical thinkers - but rather;

Only to give self-deceiving cowards an excuse not to think at all.

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A hallmark of self-deceiving cowards is their acceptance of

 authority as their truth - rather than the truth as their authority.

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